Organic grass fed meat from our local food hub form the bulk of our offerings. All our meats are fresh frozen to maintain the highest quality of freshness.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillets are sushi grade with firm texture. This high quality salmon comes to us two times a year from an island family. – Fresh frozen at the point of catch.

Bison comes to us through an island resident whose family ranch in Wisconsin raises bison on 500 acres the natural way on 100% native prairie grass, without chemicals, hormones, or grain. Humanely field harvested – Featuring brats, patties, links, kabobs and ground sausage. see our recipes for cooking tips.

Beef – We offer only organic grass fed beef from local & regional farms – featuring beef from Skiyou ranch 4th generation family farm – ground beef, stir & stew meat, sausage and tenderloin tips. call for current availability.

Lamb – Organic  naturally grazed for most of the year. Ground lamb year round, shanks or occasional kebobs call for seasonal availability.

Pork – Organic. These sustainably raised pigs are never fed genetically modified foods or animal by products. We offer uncured bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon.

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