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The Minglement – Est. 1972

“Known for its hospitality and as a longstanding community resource for over 50 years, The Minglement continues to support the healthy lifestyle choices and well-being of its customers providing local organic and non gmo foods herbs and spices.”  –  MICHAEL MEADE, D.H.L.  renowned storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropologist.

“Herbs, spices, teas and simple first foods were rooted in ancient systems of nourishment, healing and ritual. Food is our medicine and plants are some of our first teachers and beloved memories.  Each plant is unique to its bio region and peoples and their use, unique to each”. eva

Minglement’s Herbarium is home to hundreds of Jars of dried bulk herbs and spices as well as an abundance of fine teas and tinctures. The herbs, spices and teas are sustainably grown, ethically wild-crafted or organically farmed. Herbs from Breathing Meadows Farm on Vashon Island and other herb growing and foraging friends, form the vital core of our many staples and unique offerings.

Organic staples, holistic foods and produce from local food hubs as well as fragrant herbs and spices are supplemented with local honeys and high quality vitamins, supplements and body care products. – Be sure to step into the bookstore to check out an abundant selection of interesting old & new books nestled in a charming room with an antique wood stove to warm you on the cold days of winter.

At the heart of the Minglement is the knowledge that food is medicine, plants are our teachers and that all of life is sacred. May you find inspiration and meaningful resources in our musings about the things we are passionate about in the natural world seasoned with the wisdom and folklore of our ancestors, with contributions from family, friends, guest writers and creative cooks.


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