We specialize in, and purchase only produce that is grown using sustainable, regenerative, organic non-GMO methods. We purchase from island farms and organic food hubs as well as ethnic organic farmers where they can be found to support the greater organic ethos.

Many of the vegetables and fruits grown on the farms on Vashon Island do not originate from this land but from elsewhere. Many have made their way from other states and even countries and have adapted nicely in this temperate area of the Pacific Northwest.

The islands in the Pacific Northwest are not naturally farmlands, but forests, and for thousands of years were and remain, seasonal stops for the many first people nations. Their lands encompass appx. 6,000 square miles from northern California and into Montana and Canada.

Our goal is to support folks and farms that are simple and work to be mindful of the forests and wetlands and aquifers that supports all life here. 


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