Vata tea

The Vata dosha is made up of ether and air. A calming tea for flexibility of the body and the mind.  Vata ruhepol has a warming, nourishing and grounding effect on us.

In the Vata-dominated autumn and winter time as well as in the evening hours, this herbal tea allows you to balance the excess Vata and leads body and mind into a powerful peace. Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation: Lemon verbena, cinnamon bark, lady’s mantle herb, olive leaves, black pepper, anise, fennel, cardamom, licorice root, rose hip peel, sweet herb, cornflower blossoms, rose petals.

Small bag: 2.0 oz  Large bag: 5.7 oz

Small bags make approx. 25-35 cups of tea  – Large bags make approx. 40-60 cups of tea depending on your taste preference. Please refer to brewing guidelines: Here


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