The Medicinal Stars Journal

I hope you enjoy these posts in my Medicinal Stars Journal created especially for Minglement with a style that leans towards the plants and their times of birth and life, ruled by the infinite universe.

Each month we can renew our connection to the living sky, to consider the universe which wraps its broad sparkling arms round our horizons. Minerals, plants and animals and indeed all Earth’s phenomena find correspondences in the heavens above. May we notice from time to time the movements of the medicinal stars and planets for a glimpse of our place in and how everything is influenced with the movements of this infinite cosmos.


We arrive at an equalization of hours of light and dark as the Sun enters Libra, the sign of balance on Sept. 22, tipping the scales towards ever increasing dark hours. The autumn equinox signals a rebalancing of Earth’s life

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Since the Winter Solstice, the Sun has been slowly gaining ground on the Moon’s dominance of the sky and we are now past the equalization of daylit, and moonlit hours known as the Equinox. The Sun’s entry into the fiery,

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Looking to the year ahead, we may finally feel we have a moment to catch our breath and integrate the seismic shifts that have rippled through our lives over the last three years that were so dominated by the contraction

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